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TSL: Got milk? A mom’s quest with a breast

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more U.S. moms are breastfeeding than ever. While these numbers are as high as seventy-five percent, and the National Conference of State Legislatures notes that President Obama’s Healthy People 2020 initiative includes the goal of increasing breastfed babies to 81.9% by the year 2020. Why the … Continue reading

TSL: Pissed Off: How the “toilet hover” is hurting our health

Are you one of the 60 percent of Americans who say that they won’t sit down to use a public toilet? One survey out of Canada shows that as much as 30 percent of people would rather hold it than use a public toilet. But when you gotta go, the alternative is a little move … Continue reading

TSL: The Hairy Truth: Why do women shave their legs?

No-Shave-November, anyone? According to StatisticBrain’s statistics on shaving from this year, you probably shave. Almost all women—something like 97%—participate in the removal of body hair, whether it be by shaving, waxing, or hair removal cream. Whether you’re new to the world of knobby-kneed nicks and cuts or a battle-tested veteran such as myself, the average … Continue reading

TSL: Great white sharks, Jewish moms, and other things to avoid on your period

According to The Examiner, the average woman has 451 periods during her lifetime. Now, the way I look at it, that’s either 451 opportunities to think up a euphemism for menstruation (I recently heard the phrase “riding the cotton pony”) or 451 opportunities to learn something fascinating and probably disgusting about the wonderful and horrible miracle that … Continue reading

TSL: Victoria’s Secrets Revealed: Why you should make granny panties your new best friend

According to USA today, the average woman owns something like 21 pairs of underwear. And with today’s variety, who can blame her?   Let’s find out what’s going on under there. Under-where? From leopard to lacy, gaudy to granny, this 4.6 billion dollar industry is booming. Consumer Reports recently did a study on women’s underwear, getting … Continue reading

TSL How to get pulled over: three ways to avoid a ticket and the one tip that could save your life

Will you be one of the 100,000 people to get a speeding ticket today? According to reports published by the U.S. Highway Patrol, this adds up to 41,000,000 tickets a year, or one for every six drivers. With an average speeding ticket costing $150, this also adds up to over six billion dollars a year. … Continue reading

TSL: Online Dating: There’s plenty of phish in the sea!

You remember when they told you there were plenty more fish in the sea? Apparently they were right. Forty million fish, according to the calculations done this year by StatisticBrain. And, for an average cost of something like $239 a year, you too can fish for one of the 40 million American singles that are … Continue reading

TSL: What it’s like to get kicked in the testicles

Here we go. Ladies, this one’s not for the squeamish. I will use the word testicle thirteen more times after this sentence is over. This is thirteen more times than I ever thought appropriate or possible. I can’t promise that I won’t wince writing this. I can’t promise that you won’t wince reading it. I … Continue reading

TSL: Barbie Girl, Barbie World (Reality Sold Separately)

What’s five-foot-nine, fifty-three years old, and has an eating disorder? This week’s TSL brings you the proportions of America’s favorite hunk of polyvinyl chloride. Height: 5’9 Weight: 110lbs Bust: 39” Waist: 18” Hips: 33” Shoe size: 3 BMI: 16.24 Galia Slayen might not be a name you have heard before, but it’s one of the … Continue reading

TSL: Three reasons not to get a lower back tattoo.

The top three reasons not to get a lower back tattoo are as follows: 3.  How many combinations of accentuating swirls are there? I am by no means against a little ink, but it’s been done. 2. You can have a portrait of Queen Elizabeth pinky-out back there, but no matter how tasteful the tat, … Continue reading

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